Samsung Wireless Enterprise (WLAN) Benefits

  • Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA)
  • AirMove*
  • AirEqualizer
  • Self-Organizing Network (SON)
  • Voice Aware
  • Dedicated Security RF Monitoring Module

Freedom without the limitation of mobility, easement of handling your job anywhere

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Samsung Wireless Applications- SABS Benefits

• Secure Wireless Networking with Radius server 802.1 x authentication- Allows unique and encrypted

access to Wireless Enterprise with individual credentials and privileges.

•    Unlimited Radius users – Virtually unlimited users with unlimited levels of access and


• Subscriber on boarding- Dynamic landing pages & quality of service with credit card validation –

Splash pages that can be tailored to all environments.

Tiered & Hybrid billing with multiple pricing plans, statistics and reporting – Created from

within SABS web interface or completely integrated into PMS systems or Customer CRM/Management


• Web portal and access control via PMS/LDAP/Social Media or self-registration – Passwords and

secure access can be automated through user application integration

• Flexible service and bandwidth allocation via device type and single user credential – Allow

bandwidth access and throttling dependent on class of service or paid account

Application analytics– Ensuring full user Wi-Fi analytics and subsequent management of Internet


Flexible gateways with PMS & application integration. Delivering iNAT technology & Load balancing

Content filtering– Allowing the user to take internet access and control down to precise URLs ,

ensuring up to date management via centralized & updated web portal


The SABS solution provides a secure and cost-effective carrier-class Wi-Fi service security, authentication/billing and analytics solution for all commercial environments including hotels, retailers, schools and recreational venues wishing to provide temporary or permanent Internet access via wireless, whether at a single location or across multiple venues.

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