SMS Platform


A flexible, cost effective messaging solution

Homisco's architecture is quickly becoming the wireless operator's platform of choice for fully integrated enhanced SMS messaging. Providing solutions for 2G networks we are also committed to the market's requirements for the 3G evolution.


SMSServer: an attractive revenue source

Increasing network utilization in both the Postpaid and Prepaid market, subscribers can now:

Efficiently and easily communicate at a lower cost.

Send and receive emails, schedules, weather reports as well as many more billable services.

Reduce voice traffic while staying in touch.


SMSServer: an alternate solution to access information

Subscribers can now have access to wider selection of transaction services which include:

Mobile originated SMS

Mobile terminated SMS

Voicemail notification

Voucher refill services

Post/Prepaid account management

Information push/pull services


Multiple protocol interface support

It’s open architecture design supports a wide range of protocols such as:

SMPP (3.4)







SMPP SME Client access (SMPP Version 3.4)

Persistent message store and recovery across SMSServer restarts

Configurable message delivery retry for transient delivery failures

IS.136 (TDMA) and IS.637 (CDMA) Bearer data transcoders for IS.41 networks

IS.41 Revision C support

GSM 3.40 Phase 2+ MAP support

Mobile registration Alert handling

Message Validity Period handling with configurable default

Deferred Delivery handling

Registered Delivery, Delivery Report handling

MSISDN/MIN validation and reformatting

Message Waiting Indicator handling

Configurable message store capacity

High performance message throughput (20+ Msg/Sec)

High performance TCAP transaction throughput (400+ Tran/Sec)

TCAP/SS7 support via the MAPGateway, IS41Gateway and IP7Server which runs over the Natural Microsystems (NMS) TX series boards.

SMPP Client Application Toolkit for NT and Unix

OAMP (Operations, Administration, Maintenance Platform) network integration services via OAMPServer and Proxy interfaces. Included Alarm and MDR MIB handling.

Fully certified ITU and ANSI SS7 support via the NMS TX-Series SS7 boards.


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