Contact Q prepares your business for the demands of the modern 21st century consumer. You cannot decide how customers will choose to contact you but now you can decide how to ensure you service them in the most profitable way for your company.


Contact Q is your opportunity to deliver a customer contact/interaction solution without unnecessary complexity or cost. Designed to integrate seamlessly into customer business applications and use existing customer data to enhance profitability and improve service delivery.  It doesn’t matter if you have a modern IP voice platform, a hosted PBX or an ageing telephone system. Contact Q can prepare you for the challenges of today’s critical customer care requirements.

Contact Q will allow you to target customer loyalty and revenues

Connect with your customers on their terms. Manage all of your contacts—for email, chat, SMS, IM, and social media—the same way you manage your inbound and outbound voice interactions.


Leverage this complete, Contact Q solution to match callers with the most appropriate resources every time they contact you. Your agents gain call context, both real-time and historical. Your customers receive a differentiated experience.


Reduce your expenses by using lower-cost channels.


Consistently deliver a unified, seamless, and highly personalized experience that builds your brand and customer engagement loyalty.


By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a business in the digital space without interacting with a human, according to Gartner.


25% of consumers utilize one to two channels when seeking customer care and 52% of consumers utilize three or four channels



According to Synthetix, 90% of consumers will always check a website before emailing or calling a company


63% said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat (Forrester).




Contact Q prepares your business for the demands of the modern 21st century consumer.

You no longer need to worry about multiple technologies being integrated with high cost in budgets and management




Connect Q IVR - Bank account and stock balances transfers, Surveys and polls, confirmation of appointments, order entry transactions, selective information lookup (i.e. Account Balance, Make Payments, Order Status, Movie Schedules), priority Routing based on Status, credit card payments, call center forwarding.


Contact Q IVR allows your business and IT personnel to design profitable applications utilizing existing customer and business data.


Contact Q ACD Agent- Provides an intuitive agent application that allows immediate access to essential information required to deliver a one-stop resolution for customers.

Accessing customer held data, critical business information and all presented simply to allow a consistent customer experience.

The Contact Q media agent can also be fully integrated into your existing customer management software via its open & powerful API


Contact Q call recording & PCI Compliance: Contact Q delivers a uniquely fully integrated PCI complaint and encrypted call recording module.  Calls are recorded and can be played back for training or legal purposes.

These calls are linked to the unique call record allocated to all calls on CQ, allowing for much more sophisticated call analysis and reporting.


Contact Q can deliver PCI compliance via the PCI-API; this facilitates a fully integrated solution that removes sensitive financial information from CQ recordings.

Due to the fully integrated design of CQ, agent chat transcripts can also be recorded and accessed from the same web based interface



Contact Q prepares your business for the demands of the modern 21st century consumer.  Introducing complete accountability into your business through comprehensive and end to end reporting and analytics will have a guaranteed positive impact on revenue and reputation

Connect Q business reporting & Analytics


Analytics anywhere – Contact Q reporting/Analytics is a powerful feature rich module that enables the visualization and reporting on historical and real-time performance.  Business and agent performance information can be assessed from anywhere on your smart device.

Monitor your call centre effectively and dynamically


Monitor the pulse of your call centre - track your SLAs and KPIs with rich, graphical presentations, graphs and charts. Our easy step-by-step process enables anyone to create additional dashboards in minutes. Collaborate and distribute dashboards.

Deeper Detail

Managers can focus in greater detail to analyze call and agent behaviors. Drill Down hierarchies, Drill Through to detailed transaction level reports, or use Drill Anywhere to simply explore your data.


Dashboards tailored to your preferences


Dashboards are highly customizable and can be easily tailored to suit the user or for high visibility wallboard displays.

Contact Q has been designed by Braxtel Communications to deliver the sophistication required by modern business to service modern consumers and yet delivered in an application that is easy for business managers and IT personnel alike to take ownership of the enhancements in productivity

What makes us different?


Customer driven


 > Understand our customers

 > Get it right first time

 > Reliable, customer-ready products

 > Own the customer relationship

 > Keep our promises

 > Courteous and helpful


Collaborative and Innovative


 > Creative and passionate

 > Solutions driven

 > Value diverse ideas

 > See the next opportunity

 > Collaborate together

 > One team


Winning culture


 > Know our competition

 > Act with urgency

 > Agile and responsive

 > Empowered to deliver

 > Resilient


Braxtel partners


 > Samsung

 > LG

 > Cisco

 > Avaya

 > Mitel

 > Shoretel

 > Asterisk





ContactQ is a powerful all in one Call Center suite that runs on server hardware or can be virtualized and hosted on an EsXi based Hypervisor such as vSphere. Supporting up to 500 concurrent agents and unlimited queues, ContactQ can serve from small business to larger enterprise.




• 500 concurrent agents taking calls

• Unlimited Queues




• SIP - Compatible with SIP soft, hard switches and gateways

• Chat - ContactQ chat can be integrated simply and quickly with business web applications

• Extensible Business Systems integration with Plugins e.g. Payment Gateways

• Mail - Mail enabled management information, voicemail and call flow integrated applications

• API – Use ContactQ applications or integrate into your business workflow using the ContactQ APIs




• PCI Sensitive data suppression options

• Encryption of sensitive call information


Feature Rich


• Intelligent skill based contact routing, priority management, customer identity matching and smart business systems integration

• Powerful customizable dashboards and reporting

• Universal contact handling across all media types

• Universal contact recording and playback with archiving and encryption


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