Carrier Solutions for Wireless and Wireline Networks



Converged Billing System (CBS)


Designed for post- and pre-paid billing for convergent wireless/fixed networks, this robust billing engine provides rating and billing of multi-play voice, content, internet, VoIP, IP, e-commerce.  It also supports the growing complexity associated with value-added services for wireless (GSM/GPRS, CDMA, LTE, iDEN) and fixed-line networks.

If your service can generate a CDR, CBS can rate and bill it.


Pre-Paid Billing


The VANX platform provides feature rich applications for real-time billing and call rating. In addition, the VANX has expansive fraud control features built in to provide high-level security and protection to the platform. VANX application software provides virtually unlimited number of customizable multiple rate plans that support:

Time-Of-Day Pricing

Holiday pricing

Special Promotion Pricing

Free Time Periods

Payphone Surcharging

On/Off Peak Billing

Automatic Fee Deduction

Initial Free Periods


Post-Paid Billing


Homisco’s Wireless Billing and Customer Service Module is a component driven turnkey billing, customer management and provisioning platform. It is designed to meet the needs of today’s Network Operators through its flexibility and low cost-of-entry. Client/Server and web-based architecture supports a wide range of multiple tariffing and taxation structures. Billing Managers will find its graphical user interface (GUI) not only easy to use but also fully featured in invoicing, PSTN/MSC reconciliation, traffic analysis, and departmental reporting. This platform fully supports TAP 3 record formats for rating of Roaming Records.


SMS Platform


The Homisco's MMG SMS Server provides SME (Short Message Entity) access to the Cellular SMS Networks. Homisco's MMG SMS Server provides SME Client application access via the industry standard SMPP TCP/IP based protocol. Homisco's MMG SMS Server can be configured to support dozens of SME clients via SMPP. In this context SMS Server functions as an SMSC providing Store-And-Forward SMS messaging services to the PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network).


USSD Gateway


The superior alternative to SMS for menu-based mobile applications

Homisco’s USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Gateway is a GSM communication technology used to send text between a mobile phone and a network application. The USSD Gateway is particularly useful where a service is provided using a menu, such as, micro payments, Special Offer alerts, balance queries, etc.


Mobile Wallet Platform


Homisco’s Mobile Wallet Platform enables operators to step into the lucrative mobile commerce space with the same technology that won the 2010 GSMA Banking for the Unbanked award.  Currently deployed in over 14 countries and supporting internationally recognized standards, Homisco’s Mobile Wallet Platform is an ideal solution for operators entering the mobile commerce markets.


VoiceMail Plus - Carrier Edition


Homisco VoiceMail Plus is one of the most advanced voice messaging platforms for service providers today. Yet, it is surprisingly affordable. In addition to offering advanced features, it also supports powerful Interactive Voice Response functionality and the tools for you to create custom voice processing applications.      Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, VoiceMail Plus supports basic voice mail service, advanced   unified messaging and customized IVR applications.


Carrier Solutions


If you’re looking for excellent low-cost solutions for your wireless network infrastructures, look no further, Homisco, Inc. has it all. Our Value Added Network Exchange (V.A.N.X.) system provides enhanced features and services for use in existing wireless network infrastructures. Looking for pre-paid or post-paid billing options, Homiscos Wireless Billing and Customer Service Module can do either, or both! Need to maintain complete SS7 Stack management on behalf of the client applications, our SS7 systems can do it utilizing NMS TX Series MTP and SCCP solutions. We even offer full SMS systems to offer your clients all the features you need to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s wireless customers.



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