Call Accounting


It is now possible to upgrade your existing TCS-700 call accounting system to the new TCS-700 Web-Enhanced system. The TCS-700WE, incorporates the reliability and functionality of our TCS-700 system with the ability to view call data via the Internet. To do this, the TCS-700 employs the "front-end" data viewing component of our popular ASP Call Manager application and applies it to the TCS-700 data. ASP Call Manager is our Web-based telemanagement information service that includes automated employee call tracking, management tools, call pricing, network utilization, and security in the form of alerts or reports.


    TCS-700WE Call Accounting


Push Management/Automated Alerting


The ASP Manager has been designed to alert the Communications Manager and staff of a variety of conditions that could occur. These are configurable at the property level, department level, and at the individual station level. These alerts are in the form of email messages that can be sent to any one, or group of email addresses.

Dialed Number Reporting


The ASP Manager comes pre-configured to alert on 911 calls, 700/900 category calls, 809 (Caribbean) calls, and OCC (1010XXX dialing) calls. Additionally, it can report on any dialed number either outgoing or incoming (if the CDR forwards ANI information). Alerts can be set on calls made by specific stations, calls made over specific trunks, to or from a specific number, and/or any call type (OA, International, Long Distance, Intrastate, Local, Trunk to Trunk, Station to Station, Directory Assistance, Toll Free, and Incoming.

CDR Based Alerts


Analyze PBX performance and call routing over trunks and trunk groups. This allows for alerting and notification of all trunks busy situations, skipped trunks and trunk groups, and calls routed over the incorrect trunk group (i.e. long distance routed over the local trunk groups). These notifications allow the PBX manager to identify potential problems as they occur. This aids in streamlining operations and recognizing potential situations that could impact service or increase telecommunications costs



TCS-700 Call Accounting System Base Features


    Rapid Real-Time Operation

    Ease of Use

    Turnkey Installation

    Interface to All Major PBXs

    Database Installation by HOMISCO

    Remote Diagnostics

    24x7x365 Service

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